Objectives for Session with Dr. Rhoads:

  • Understand Connect2Learn vision.
  • Understand perceptions and questions of educators present in the sessions.





Our desired state of being – our goal


Our path to get to our desired state of being


Our shared beliefs that keep us on the path to the goal

Reading Sections


Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy

Technology and Webb’s Depth of Knowledge

Google Searching  

A Google A Day

Search Lesson for K-2

Search Lesson for 3-5

Search Lesson for 6-8

Search Lessons for 9-12

Everything is Amazing, Nobody is Happy video:

Networked Student


Students need to create, critically consume and gain skills in digital literacy.

Guide! Give students multiple opportunities to demonstrate understanding and create meaning.  Create, create, create!

Teach students to be safe, ethical, and effective with technology.

Thank you! – Your Teaching Matters!

Thank you for engaging in this learning and for all you do each day for every student you teach.  The saying, “teachers touch the future” is true.  I encourage you to take few moments to reflect, think about the teachers that impacted your life, and re-energize as you “tech vision” for what your classroom will look, sound, and feel like in this year and the years ahead.  I truly hope our Tech PD is helpful and please do reach out and connect with your PLN 🙂

I wish you the very best!



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