Future Ready Students Need Challenge & Support

Future Ready Workers: Present Ready Students

Ravi Venkatesan, a Linkedin influencer, recently posted How to Succeed in the New World.

It is a thought-provoking article. However, educators have long understood the importance of the key skills presented by Venkatesan such as:

A Positive Attitude-The Ultimate Differentiator

Learning Agility

Manage Yourself or Someone Else Will

Educators who engage in the work of preparing students to “succeed in the new world” do not simply teach facts and present information. Rather, they engage students in learning how to learn. They respectfully engage students in the demanding C’s needed to succeed. In these classrooms students work collaboratively, they critique, communicate, curate and create; they code, compute, categorize and learn to consume large amounts of data in order to consider multiple points of view and determine the best course of action. Educators able to instill confidence and care in students develop rigorous relationships of challenge and support. Indeed, it is challenge alongside support that makes the difference to a student. Students will not magically develop the ability to persevere without a respectful engagement with a caring adult who challenges while supporting.