Differentiated Instruction and Assessment

Objective Tracking Sheet

Session Objectives:

  • Understand differentiated strategies to implement the written curriculum so that it becomes the taught and assessed curriculum.
  • Understand differentiated strategies happening in individual schools and across districts.

KUD Examples for Session:

Knowing Our Terms: Differentiation, Rigor, Mindset, Common Core Standards, On-going Assessment (pre, formative, summative)

Understanding the Big Ideas: Differentiation and Rigor as a Mindset, Instructional Strategies That Work, Common Core Standards

Doing the Skills and Processes: Student Goal Setting Conferences and Teacher Listen Groups.

BCSD Mission, Vision, Beliefs (updated 2014)

Reading Sections

Standards & Strategies Examples

Time to Reflect

Comparing- a complex reasoning skill

Everything is Amazing, Nobody is Happy video:

Tips & Reminders:

Students need to create and critically consume and gain skills in digital literacy.

Give students opportunities to discuss and explain to you their understanding and have them set goals within the process.

Convene small groups of students together and facilitate discussion so that students can present and explain their work and learning progress.

Have students go directly into the text to support/provide evidence.

HPLC: High Progress Literacy Classrooms…monitor the amount of time students are actually spending READING and WRITING

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! – Your Leadership Matters!


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