Hottest EdTech Tools of 2017- Paperless Classroom

#41 of the 82 Hottest EdTech Tools of 2017 According to Education Experts –

Tutora posted the 82 Hottest EdTech Tools of 2017. I have decided to post re each, and we start with #41 on the list:

41. Showbie – The heart of your paperless classroom

As nominated by Kerry Gallagher, Director of K12 Education at Connect Safely.

Showbie combines all of the essential tools for assignments, feedback, and communication in one easy-to-use platform.

Showbie’s features were designed with teachers and students in mind. Unlike other learning management systems that require extensive training and time to implement, teachers can start using Showbie’s powerful platform within minutes. Teachers who use Showbie love how it transforms their classrooms into engaging, collaborative, and organized learning environments. Showbie’s suite of tools make it easy to give rich, differentiated feedback to students, so everyone gets the help they need to succeed. Showbie allows students to share files and ideas with each other, ensuring everyone is on the same page and encouraging collaboration.

Showbie lets teachers work with their peers and easily engage with families. Teachers can set up groups to work directly with colleagues, share best practices, or discuss the needs of particular students. Parents can easily be part of the conversation too; teachers can set up groups just for families where they can post class updates and even permission slips.


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