Hottest EdTech Tools of 2017- Create Interactive Maps

#57 of the 82 Hottest EdTech Tools of 2017 According to Education Experts –

Tutora posted the 82 Hottest EdTech Tools of 2017. I have decided to post re each, and we start with #57 on the list:

57. Zeemaps – Create and Publish Interactive Maps

As nominated by William Jenkins of Tech Stories.

ZeeMaps is an enterprise-class mapping service that allows you to easily create, publish, and share interactive maps. You can construct dynamic visualizations of geographic information, producing maps from your list of locations.

For example, you can create a map of places your class has visited on field trips. You can make maps pinning the locations of your tutoring clients, key locations of famous events for a history class, locations from news article stories, friends, or relatives. In addition to marking pins on a map, you can highlight areas of interest, e.g., zip codes, counties, city, state and country boundaries.


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