Hottest EdTech Tools of 2017

#7 of the 82 Hottest EdTech Tools of 2017 According to Education Experts –

 Tutora posted the 82 Hottest EdTech Tools of 2017. I have decided to post re each, and we start with #7 on the list:

7. Matific – Maths Games and Worksheets For Kids

As nominated by Vicki Davis of Cool Cat Teacher, and Danielle Bartram of Miss B’s Resources.

Matific is an award-winning primary maths resource which uses common objects in ordinary settings that children can connect to for a deep understanding of maths. Matific episodes were designed to support each other to allow children to master core maths concepts. Encouraging children to experiment and play to foster understanding, Matific provides engagement across all year groups. With long term use, children can reconnect with core maths concepts that increase in difficulty and reinforce previously learned skills.

Matific is aligned to the UK Primary Maths curriculum and popular textbooks such as Maths-No Problem. It promotes inclusive learning through its platform with the ability to choose the language student’s view the activities in – fantastic for EAL students and the visual presence in the activities cater well to special needs students.”

Matific provides a library of amazing resources for teaching maths to children age 4 – 11. Resources are split across bite-sized, immersive and interactive applications designed for mobiles and tablets.

Their resources are based entirely on the UK mathematics curriculum, making the apps a perfect companion to standard maths textbooks and activities, or to be used as a standalone pillar around which to plan a lesson. A recent research paper by Dr. Catherine Attard “Research Evaluation of Matific Mathematics Learning Resources”​ found Matific positively impacted on primary students learning.

“Matific is awesome. One particularly amazing thing to me is the ability for Matific to deliver instruction and parent information in a child’s native language. That way you can focus purely on the math.” – Vicki Davis


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