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ProgamsApproaches for Ensuring School Safety and Developing Successful Citizens


Getting Acquainted

Note Taking & Objective Tracking

Proposal Outline

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Current Theories of Learning


 Effect Size

 Statistical Significance

The relationship between ____ and ____ in _______ was found to be significant, moderate, and positive (r = ____, p = ____).

Audri’s Rube Goldberg Machine:


12:00 – Someone with different color clothes items on

3:00 –  Same grade level or subject background

6:00 – Anyone

9:00 – Different grade level or subject background

clock partners




Topics of interest?


Research Topics of Interest 

Research Request Example


Table Template

Research Matrix


Rhoads_Research PP Example




Cursive Writing


Design classroom & community activities that reflect the mission and vision of the school. Design research to gauge effectiveness.

Dr. Rhoads Awarding 2014 Special Olympics Ribbons

Dr. Rhoads Awarding Special Olympics Ribbons

BCSD High School Students Win 2014 State Robotics Competition!

BCSD High School Students Win State Robotics Competition!

Learning Comes Alive in Social Studies

Learning Comes Alive in Social Studies

Curriculum – Instruction – Assessment – Reporting & Recording – The BIG FOUR

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Rhoads_2012 article SCASA




STOP  closure activity– Summarize your learning then Turn and talk to share One take away and Possible next steps


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