Strategic Planning

The Beaufort County School District has strategically worked to effectively combine our continuous improvement efforts for AdvancED and the SC State Department of Education. Not only are we uniting our efforts to meet requirements, our strategic planning process, firmly anchored in our Mission, Vision, and Core Beliefs, provides the focus and structure for our continuous work to improve student learning.


AdvancED Accreditation:


Navigating ASSIST:



Our Journey:

June 2013: Board approved Strategic Planning process, and Steering Committee members were identified.

July 2013: Two-day work session for the Strategic Planning Steering Committee to review the district’s current status and develop guidelines for five Action Teams to develop action steps to develop the strategic plan.

August 2013: Taking work from the Steering Committee, Superintendent Moss organized Action Teams and set work schedules.

October, 2013: Action Teams completed their initial reports, and more than 200 community members came together to react to the Action Team Reports, with their feedback going to the Steering Committee.

November, 2013: The Steering Committee reconvened to hear the recommendations coming from the Action Teams.  Steering Committee members asked questions, suggested edits and requested revisions to the proposed action plans.

December 2013-February 2014: Action Teams completed additional work from Steering Committee feedback, and prepared the plan to go to the Board of Education.

March, 2014: The Board approved the finished Strategic Plan, and the staff prepared documents to meet the State Department of Education’s April deadline for submission.

April, 2014: The Board of Education submitted the district’s final Strategic Plan to the South Carolina Department of Education.

August, 2014: District’s Strategic Plan used to engage in continuous school improvement for increased student achievement.


BCSD will host an AdvancED External Review Team March 22, 2015 – March 25, 2015.


AdvancED School vs. School System Standards & Indicators

School Systems:

Standard 1: 4 indicators; Standard 2: 6 indicators; Standard 3: 12 indicators; Standard 4: 8 indicators; Standard 5: 5 indicators

Total: 5 Standards, 35 Indicators


Standard 1: 3 indicators (system 1.2 not included for schools); Standard 2: 6 indicators; Standard 3: 12 indicators; Standard 4: 7 indicators (system 4.4 not included for schools); Standard 5: 5 indicators

Total: 5 Standards, 33 Indicators


ERT-School Workbook Standards 1-5

ERT_Systems workbook Standards 1-5




STOP  closure activity– Summarize your learning then Turn and talk to share One take away and Possible next steps


Additional Resources:

AdvancED To Do Items

AdvancED self-assessment_systems_concept

AdvancEd Resources Page


ELEOT Ratings Guide

Discussion Activity using Possible Questions for Use During Interviews_AdvancED


Thank you for engaging in continuous improvement for increased student achievement!

Dereck Rhoads


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